PT. GRIYATON INDONESIA was established on February 24, 1981.

Until 1985, the company concentrated in the areas of housing, CQ, housing Podomoro Sunter Agung, Cinere Mas Real Estate, jaka Sampurna Bekasi and others.

Since 1986 the company expanded its business on a high-rise buildings (High Rise Building).

In 1991 PT. Griyaton do prime export for precast concrete products for the Christmas Island Resort project in collaboration with the GBC Australia.

In 2004 PT. Griyaton Indonesia plant expansion by building a "Line-1" a system that is dedicated to making.

Line-1 was as a milestone for PT. Griyaton Indonesia precast element to be first modern precast element production, facilities in indonesia the existence of this company in the field of precast concrete for housing and construction.

PT.Griyaton Indonesia has managed an extensive record in the production of precast concrete in construction projects.

PT. GRIYATON INDONESIA proud with integrated services from planning, development, design, manufacturing installation highrise building has proven to be trusted by its customers in Indonesia as a precast element leading company.

Message From the board of directors

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our pre-cast method as the latest solution to finishing and building structures of high-rises in the most efficient and effective manner. It could also be used for building real estate home settlements. The product besides of being it effective in precision and efficient in cost it also gives you fine finishing you always wanted. Virtually, all you need to do is lay a coat of paint and you have the finishing you want. It is as simple as that.

We have thought on how to communicate this to you and we came up with an idea that you have seen in the front cover of our company profile. Because the efficiency and effectiveness of Griyaton as final product is like what our child or grandchildren are doing when they are playing block buildings at home. It is really as simple as that.

Yes, it would be as simple as that to you as builders and architects. We at Griyaton will do the complicated processing of producing the pre-casted product of your choice.

We are sure that the building technology will technology will fully embrace this unique, efficient and effective non-structural and structural constraction technology.